Compress your Microsoft Exchange Server data store.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007 (3757 days ago)

Exclaimer Store Compressor allows you to compress large Exchange stores, reducing the size of attachments and emails putting you in control of your Exchange store. It does this by giving you the ability to zip attached files, remove Internet Headers and HTML formatting from email messages and delete specific mail items that are older than a specific date.

If you are trying to maintain a strict limit on the amount of space each user mailbox is allocated, Exclaimer Store Compressor gives you the flexibility to control the mail items that are being stored in user’s mailboxes. For example, some users may forget to empty their Deleted Items or Junk Mail folder, which in the most extreme cases can amount to hundreds or even thousands of messages. Exclaimer Store Compressor can help you manage these and other items in your Exchange store more effectively.


In Control
Exclaimer Store Compressor allows you to manage your Exchange Store so you can decide exactly what you want it to keep and what you want to do with it.

Both Exchange Server and SBS Server have a default Exchange Store limit of 16-18GB*. When you consider the number of email messages you receive with attachments this store can be quickly filled. Exclaimer Store Compressor addresses this problem by taking over the administration of your Exchange Store keeping it to an efficient size and maintaining its performance.

This system is totally invisible to the user. Therefore, when they look at their Mailbox in Outlook they won’t see anything that is unfamiliar. They can simply open emails and view attachments as they would do normally.

It is fully customizable so you can control exactly what the Exclaimer Store Compressor compresses. For example, you can choose to only compress attachments in email messages that are older than 31 days.

Extra productivity benefits
Compressing attachments manually puts a resource demand on your organization as it can take anything from a few second to a few minutes to compress a single file. Exclaimer Store Compressor automatically compresses your email attachments, freeing up time to focus on other tasks and essentially increasing the amount of space in your Exchange Store.

Server resource usage
Exclaimer Store Compressor makes more efficient use of the hard disk space which helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to backup your server and can reduce the amount of time it takes to access messages in your Exchange Store.

*Exchange 2003 Standard Edition, SBS 2000 & SBS 2003 (16GB default store size). Exchange 2003 Standard Edition with SP2 (18GB default store size)

Please note - the trial version of this software will not compress your Exchange store; it will simply analyze it and display the results indicating exactly what it can process and how much space it will save you. These calculations are worked out based on the amount of email you have in your Exchange store at the time of the analysis.

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